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Hanging Out with Nolan Hong: The Podcast

The great thing about a podcast is you can talk as long as you want. The terrible thing about a podcast is you can talk as long as you want.

Nolan Hong used to come to my yoga classes, and we reconnected at an event where our clients worked together to fix up and donate a car to a local family in need. After finding out we both have a passion for working with organizations that give back, he kindly offered to host me on his podcast, Hanging Out with Nolan Hong.

Warning: This 1 hour and 46 minute long story of my life is 1 hour and 46 minutes. Thanks to Nolan for this summary:

Episode 139- Emily Latimer

0:01 Public Relations Start

0:05 Lō’ihi Consulting, Giving Back & Nonprofits

0:09 Parents, Kāne’ohe

A Whole New World

0:12 New Zealand

0:14 New Orleans (Tulane)


0:19 Job Search Aunties

0:22 Priory Connection

0:26 WFT - Working For Tusli

0:36 Taste of State

0:39 Always Ready


0:43 Sculpt

0:48 Teaching

0:56 Doing It Right, Saying It Right

PR Business

1:01 Telling Clients Story

1:08 New in the Business

1:13 Rewarding

1:17 Vacation

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