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What I See Working: Advancing Justice with What You Have

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Wealth of resources: Donate. Ask where your 401(k)/ other investment funds are invested.

Wealth of network: Share that your company is matching donations, share your connections in media/with access to amplify stories, share information about black-owned businesses/leaders/artists/academics that the world can amplify and support, organize a conversation/book club/podcast club/article club, seek out ways to connect your efforts with businesses/organizations that can increase your individual impact, share your experience working in government/non-profit for those who are advocating/donating for the first time. Connect your connections.

Wealth of skills: Teach a class for donations, make art that keeps us feeling, sew, create. Find ways to use what you have.

Wealth of health: Show up. Be counted.

Wealth of time: Call. Petitions and emails are good. Calling is better. Learn more. Listen more. Seek out voices who live what you're advocating about.

Wealth of being qualified to vote: Register. Find your polling dates and locations for both the primary and the general election. Learn about who's running. Ask questions to push past the fear of not knowing how. Vote.


Mahalo to HI Soup and Flux Hawaii for your Wealth issue / event in January 2020, and the conversation on forms of wealth.

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