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What I See Working: Humanizing Your Communication

A few weeks ago, I talked with the Tulane Women in Business Club about starting a marketing business and learning how to communicate effectively. My advice? Practice being more human.

5 Free Ways to Become A Better Marketer By Humanizing Your Communication

  1. Practice actively understanding people. What are the human truths about the people you are talking to? What are their challenges? What are their frustrations? What does a moment of joy look and feel like? Speak to those emotions authentically.

  2. Rather than trying to sell, prioritize build trust. Trust and time are two things we value most. What is the experience journey that leads to your product/service? How can you build trust along the way?

  3. Get constant feedback. Ask for feedback wherever you can find it. On your writing. On your ideas. On your messaging. On your ease and simplicity of delivery.

  4. Meet & experience people outside of your bubble. In COVID times, it's easy to forget about experiences outside of your screen and bubble. Think about 3 types people you have no connections to, but that you know exist (think: kids/no kids, education level, gender, race, urban/rural, walkers/commuters, generation, etc). How will they experience your product/service/message differently than you and your bubble? What assumptions are you making about the world that leave them out?

  5. Break down information. Stats, wordy comparisons, technical language, and industry talk build up walls that disconnect you from your audience. Find ways to break down information as simply as possible to increase accessibility. Examples: Convert large numbers into accessible objects ("3 football fields"/"The graduation class at [neighboring high school]"/"The price of a Zippy's plate lunch").

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